Monday, December 24, 2012

Merry Christmas!

December is the time we seek out the perfect gifts,
Ones we’re sure will bring a smile to each person on our list.
And we tuck them all away in some dark secret locale,
Giving ne’er the slightest hint as we friends gaily regale
With the parties, shopping trips and tree trimming celebrations
That all whisk us through these days of harmonious relations...
Waiting for one special morn when at last all is revealed,
And the joy of bright surprises we can no longer conceal.

When the happiness we’ve longed to share at last reaches fruition
As recipients’ warm “Thanks!” reward each correct intuition.
And we know we have succeeded in our goal this time around
Of assuring in the hearts of those we love that joy abounds.
Still such tangible displays, so familiar and such fun
Are but rituals designed to point up a greater one –
A gift, that is, of course, one most meaningful and true,

That is given all of us to enjoy the whole year through.
It’s a gift crafted from sharing all we have and all we are
With the ones who’ve touched our lives, whether they’re found near or far.
 It’s the gift of reaching out in the spirit of the season
Now commemorated here, and which brings us to the reason
That this card is being sent as a reminder and wish
That the “present” given us  -- each day -- might prove your favorite gift.
                                                       Happy Holidays


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